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Find the Top 3 Affiliate Program trackers, why it's important to know about them, and a detailed write-up on each of them. Also, streamline your categories to ensure you are selecting the right Affiliate Programs for you. Discount Clubs, MLM, Pay-to-Surf, and more... all fall into the category of Downline Programs. Learn more about a few of them we've tried out. Also, find out what a matrix is and how it works for you. Most money-making programs fall into the first two categories (Affiliate Programs or Downline Programs), however a few are unique and get special attention in this section.
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You've chosen your programs, have your pages up and running --- now it's time to promote them to the Web. Find some excellent tools here! For the serious promoters be sure to check our Resource Center! CLICK HERE to enter the Power Promo Tools section of WebPower. This section was put together specifically to assist our groups at the WebGuide, WebPower, and FreeMoney. For your convenience, we have set up a contact page. If you would like to contribute to the WebPower section of the WebGuide or wish to contact us regarding any information you would like to share, you can reach us through this page.

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