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Some of the funniest and funnest quotes on life and more!
We've run into a lot of people during our travels on the Net and made many friends along the way. Get to know them and their delightful sense of humor through their quotes and laugh along with us as we share humor and insights here together. This section of our site is all about humorous quotes so you'll find more subjects including "Kids Say..." --- "Celebrity Talk" --- and more!
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Ted Lord
"I am a country boy. Things like off track and askew and achew, confuse me!" ...Ted looks at the world and life from a whole new perspective. His dry sense of humor - simple and sophisticated at once - can be delightfully refreshing.
Kids Say...
"Kids say the darndest things!" ...and we agree! Laugh it up with these wonderful quotes from kids ranging in age (2 years to 18 years). From toddlers to teens, you never know what they'll say next. This section coming soon! 
Celebrity Talk
From famous comedians to movie stars... we've gathered some of the funnier quotes together here for us all to enjoy. Get a quick laugh and enjoy! This section coming soon!

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