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We've received several submissions recently for the poetry pages here. We'd love to be able to share everyone's wonderful words for all to enjoy but are forced to choose and post only 6 per upgrade. Don't feel bad if your submission is not listed here yet - it may appear soon in future editions. These are the six making it to our site for this edition. Enjoy!

Each edition I try to submit one of my own to the pages.

This latest one "It's Only Words" is part of a growing collection of Free On-Line Postcards and Greetings. You can see more at World Greetings and Timeless Greetings. I hope you enjoy them in the spirite of friendship!

1999 Writers Market
1999 Writer's Market (Annual)
by Kirsten Holm (Editor)

It's Only Words

You entered my world
In this electronic age
Meeting on-line,
Visiting my page.

It's only words...
Or so it began
Soon growing to friendship
Like some meetings can.

My RL friends
Can't quite understand,
Some even resent it;
Some even demand,

"It's only words!"
They sometimes exclaim...
"How can it be friendship?
It isn't the same!"

I shrug it off
For they should know
Makes friendships grow

It's only words...
But I thank you today
For taking the time
To read what I say

For being a friend
When I needed you there.
It's only words...
But I really do care.

K. August 1999

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"My Guardian" was submitted by Melissa Speights.

Melissa has been writing for 10 years now. We are looking forward to more submissions from her in the future. At this time she does not have her own home page but should you wish to contact her we would be happy to pass your messages on to her.
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My Guardian

I often feel your presence
Even though you're not here
I often feel you close to me
Taking each step along the way.

Feeling your hand in mine
Though I cannot see
I feel you there with me
Holding onto me

Your love is what warms my heart
Your voice is what soothes my fears
Your touch is what brings me peace
Knowing you are there with me

I don't know why you chose me
But I am so glad you did
I needed someone to care for me
And love me the way you did

I wonder sometimes where you are
when I need you the most
But you told me if I ever needed you
To just look inside my heart

You told me to be patient
And that it's ok to cry
Then you took my hand, raised your wings
And taught me how to fly

copyright by: Melissa Speights
Printed here with permission.

Elvin Geronimo wrote to us telling us his wife wrote the poem "Sunrise" to him and he wanted to share its beauty. They've let us know they hope to have their home page on line by their next submission for us.

The Practice of Poetry : Writing Exercises from Poets Who Teach
The Practice of Poetry
Writing Exercises from Poets Who Teach
by Robin Behn (Editor),
Chase Twichell (Editor)


As I sit and watch the sunrise
I wonder what today will bring
A new joy, a new surprise
I look in awe at the ocean
So deep and so true
As is my love for you
I watch the birds fly above
And think of you, my only love
As I sit and watch the sunrise
Tears of joy come to my eyes
When I think of all you have shown me
Given me, sacrificed for me
I hear the waves crash against the shore
And I watch the eagles soar
As I sit and watch the sunrise
I thank the Lord for what
He has given me
For until I met you
I never knew true beauty
As I sit and watch the sunrise
I think of how your love has guided me
Over the rockiest mountains
And through the wildest seas
Now, as I sit and watch the sunset
I can't imagine my life
Had we never met
For the love you have given to me
Is more than I thought love could possibly be
Thank you for helping me
Through my joys and upsets
And thank you for being here
Through all the sunrises and sunsets.

Copyright by: Erin M.Geronimo
Printed here with permission.

Larry Childers sent us three poems for this edition of our Poetry Pages. It was difficult for us to choose which to print so we decided to post all three. We hope you enjoy "Mrs. Hanshaw", "Mom", and our favourite "Betty's Rose". You can meet Larry at his site. Click Here.

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Mrs. Hanshaw

You awaken in the dead of the night
And the olde rocking chair it gives you a fright
And she rocks back and forth no sound does she make
Is it your soul she wishes to take

How many times did you see the mirror glow
Without any light it's impossible you know
And remember when she touched you with her hand
The coldest fingers that was ever in the land

Locked doors can't keep her in or out
She passes right thru them there is no doubt
And when you feel so safe in your bed
You wonder is she still alive and not truly dead

Cause how can a broken clock still keep time
The ticking never stopped and each hour would chime
I know most people don't believe in ghost tales
But I know a place where this spirit still dwells

copyright 1999 Larry Gene Childers
Printed here with permission.


mom the girls they are a sleeping
and in their dreams are hugs they are a keeping
bobby has become a full grown man
and i love him as only a father can

your birthday was just a few days ago
and mine is tomorrow as you well know
i looked at some roses the red was so true
mom it made me cry as i love you

it has been a little more than a year you breathed your last
it seems impossible that your light is in the past
i remember the mornings you fixed bisquits for me
and as you stand in the kitchen i can truly see

dad has been dead so many years
and for him i have cried a thousand tears
but i know dad is now happy as can be
for the love of his life is right by he

copyright 1999 Larry Gene Childers
Printed here with permission.

Betty's Rose

on a warm summer day in 1990 i plucked a rose from betty's backyard
took it out to pine grove, ohio i planted it where the ground wasnt hard
then i watched it for one solid year
i had watered this rose with only my tears

the rose was a beauty the red was so true
it reminded me of mother as i still love you
as you know with roses the thorns can cause pain
but only if you use tears and not the Lord's rain

then one day last year in august i had to depart
and when i saw betty's rose it broke my heart
for i knew i was a leaving for in this van i goes
and the prettiest flower is my betty's rose

and every night i wonder are the blooms still there
for i had watched this rose with very much care
i know this rose is strong and will last thu the years
cause now it is watered by alicia's and courtni's tears

copyright 1999 Larry Gene Childers
Printed here with permission.

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