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Windows for Newbies
Windows for Newbies
Now You Control Your PC
Take Firm Control Of Your PC And Totally Transform Your Internet Experience With The Most Unique And Entertaining PC Learning Course On The Web! Tom Glander is a gifted writer and a computer 'Techie' with the rare and uncanny ability to think like a Newbie. Tom will help you achieve whatever you want from your PC, whether it's just the simplest of tasks, or the heights of starting your own Internet business. Utilizing Tom's revolutionary and highly acclaimed Newbie Club™ Learning System - NCLS - this totally unique learning course will literally catapult your understanding of your PC and the Internet. And end your frustrations at a stroke. Now available on CD-ROM! Click here for details!
Registry for Newbies Registry for Newbies
Because you're not satisfied knowing there's a mysterious force behind Windows, a force that dictates its every move, color, and option. You'd like to be able to work through more than a few options. Whether you're just satisfying curiosity, or you're genuinely interested in learning more about what makes your computer tick, this product is for you. Click here for details!

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