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Internet Marketing Tools Index

This section of the Resource Center is quite possibly one of the most important for any web site owner. You can build the best site on the Internet, but it means nothing if nobody sees it. Take your time browsing this section of our site ... there's a lot of information to digest.

Here's a brief description of what you will find inside:

Submit Your Site
A wide range of tools for submitting your site to various advertising channels on the Internet, including:
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Classified Ads Submissions
  • Freeware/Shareware Software Submissions
  • FFA Sites and Directories Submissions
  • E-Zine/Free Content Submissions
  • And Much More!
To do many of these tasks manually would take hundreds of hours. Here, you will find tools which highly customize and automate the tasks for you! Click Here To Enter
E-Mail Promotions

You have to be extremely careful when promoting your web sites and/or products by e-mail on the Internet today. Spam complaints can shut you down in an instant - and worse, may possibly result in legal charges against you these days.

Find out where to get "safe" e-mail leads (20,000+ per day) for your programs and the software tools necessary to successfully operate your own "online direct marketing" strategy. Click Here To Enter

Banner Exchanges Plus

Whether it be "start page exchanges", "banner exchanges", "pop-up exchanges", "exit page exchanges", ...you get the picture? As a web designer I'm not too enthusiastic about using these methods, but online marketers know several of them can work, and work well! That's the important thing, right? Click Here To Enter

Classified Ads

Classified Advertising sites and ad copy writing skills are both covered in this section of our Resource Center. With the right writing skills, you can do really well using this method of online promotion. Click Here To Enter

FFA Sites

Some experts claim these work exceedingly well -- others claim it can be search engine positioning suicide. You decide -- we just provide a few helpful links and tools for you here. Click Here To Enter

Multi-Promotion Tools

Some of the tools in this section are perhaps the hardest working marketing tools on the Internet. They use multiple channels of marketing to achieve the highest amount of additional traffic for your site. If you don't have the time (or the budget) to select specialized tools for each style of marketing, then this section of our resource center was built with you in mind. One or two of these can get you plenty of extra exposure online. Click Here To Enter


When you don't have the budget to build your brand online like the big guys, you will need to use as many tools as possible listed elsewhere in our Resource Center -- since constant exposure is really key. But... here are a few little known tools and software programs that can put your name in front of millions - almost daily - to build brand awareness. Click Here To Enter

Marketing Secrets

Before you even enter this section of the Resource Center, make sure you take a few minutes to visit http://www.mypowertips.com and sign up for their PowerTips. If you're looking for secrets, and a behind the scenes look at whether or not some of the super hyped programs really do what they say they do and you want excellent NEW sources for marketing your programs, products, services, ...well, just about anything, then you NEED PowerTips.

With that said, discover some of the hottest internet marketing programs available today in this section. Click Here To Enter

Pay-Per-Click -- Search Engines And Advertising

This section of the Resource Center is a bit of a mess right now. There's a ton of research data being compiled at the moment for a collaborative e-book (to be publised by PowerTips) on the subject of Pay-Per-Click Search Engines and Advertising Sources. We won't be completing this section of our Resource Center until the book comes out (estimated arrival - fall 2002). Sign up for PowerTips if you want to know when the book is ready.

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