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AdPush - Banner Ad Rotator/Tracker
Let's say you have more than one banner for your website(s) or product(s) and you want to rotate them on your site (or other sites) - you want AdPush. If you're using a banner exchange program how will you know which banner is pulling in the best traffic? How can you put different banners into the exchange? (Note: some exchanges won't be able to accept the code but most will.) AdPush may be the solution you are searching for. Try it out for 30 days FREE and begin managing your promotion campaign.
NoMoreHits - Web Page Exchange
Within minutes of joining you can start getting FREE traffic from NoMoreHits, a Web Page Exchange program. The program works through member home pages. Once you join (for free) and set your home page (on your browser) to your coded member URL, everytime you open your browser you will receive a page from another member on the NoMoreHits server. In order to receive one point credit you must wait for the bottom frame message to show credit has been given. You also receive 50 points just for joining. How it works is for every 2 points you collect your page is viewed in another members browser once. This can be a powerful way to get more hits, especially if you open your browser(s) as frequently as we do in a day.
Traffic Wave - Run Your Banners
Again, this is not really a banner exchange program. You will really like the simplicity of this promotion system. TrafficWave.net provides three powerful tools for automating your online marketing...
  • an autoresponder attached to your own FFA links directory which requires a prospect's email confirmation and acceptance to receive further information prior to posting to your directory (leads generator and autoresponder),
  • your banner ad placed at the bottom of your directory,
  • and an ultimate autoresponder which you can use to send up to 10 follow-up emails to your prospects --- you choose the delay for sending (one day, one week, or more).
You can take a FREE 30-day test drive of this terrific tool.
FREE-BANNERS - Banner Exchange
You may have noticed by the contents of this section that I'm not really a big fan of free banner exchanges. Believe me, there would be a lot more of these type programs here if I liked them but I always worry about slowing my page-loads, poor banner content coming to my site, and whether I'm really getting fair exchange. Free-Banners.com is one of the few (in fact right now it is the ONLY) banner exchange sites I will recommend here. Their filter system ensures I don't receive banner content unsuitable for my sites, their stats are thorough showing me exactly what kind of traffic I'm getting and why, and so far their codes have not slowed or prevent my pages from loading. Plus, I like how I can get more banners on other sites even without their banner loading as frequently on any of my own so I don't have to plaster banners throughout my sites if I don't want to. Yes, it's FREE to join.
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