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Internet Marketing Tools - Branding
The hardest working marketing tools on the Internet!
Branding on the Net
Dan Janal, another marketing legend, leads you on a step-by-step program of personal branding. He teaches at U Cal-Berkeley and launched America Online’s initial ad campaign, so he knows his stuff. Learn how to avoid hype and instead earn your customers’ longstanding trust.
Get Your Own Domain Name
If you haven't done so already you absolutely MUST get your own Domain Name for branding on the Net. DiscoveryNIC includes a cool, interactive online naming tool that will help you come up with great ideas for your site's name. And here's a Fantastic BONUS: for a very LIMITED TIME you receive one FREE month of DiscoveryHost web hosting with each domain you get (NO SET-UP FEES, NO DEPOSIT)! You will not believe how incredibly powerful this hosting service is until you see the incredible free marketing tools that come with each and every account. Another Bonus: registering your domain name costs only $15/year through DiscoveryNIC (many others charge up to $35+ for this service).
Offer FREE E-Mail
Plug-in-Email by Everyone.net - Now you can offer lifetime, web-based @YourDomain email on your site and get 50% of the banner ads. Features include: 6MB, SPAM filter, email notification and more. Your paid plug-in email service starts for as little as $9.99/month and gives you 100% of all ad space (or totally ad-free - your choice). Become your own Yahoo! with this one. Customers will see your logo everytime they check their email - PLUS - your promotion messages are right there for them to see. How often do you check your email each day? Talk about an excellent branding tool! (See our "free" version of their service at Time4me.com for a demonstration.)
NEW! Desktop Coupons
How would you like to have your logo pop up on your customer's desktop everytime he/she turns his/her computer on? This is the kind of powerful software SeeYouAgainShortcut has created to help you brand your site and keep your customers coming back. If you run a corporate web site and want your logo on every employee computer too, this is a cool tool. Check out the potential of this new branding software today. Take a test-drive and try it out for FREE.
Your Own E-Books and Downloadable Brochures
How about giving your prospects an electronic product packed with information about you, your company, your products, and more? E-ditor software can be utilized to create your own E-books and Brochures you can give away for free on your site. You will love the customizable functions like adding "skins" to improve your book/brochure appearance, adding interactivity with the latest in plug-ins (such as Flash), and much more. An inexpensive product, E-ditor can make your promotion materials come alive!
Power Positioning by Dr. Michel Fortin - Ebook/Course
The "Power Positioning" ebook course by Dr. Michel Fortin reveals a comprehensive approach to achieving the highly coveted skill of creating top-of-mind awareness – for your product and business, particularly on the Internet. We all joke about the Ginsu knife and those crazy infomercials, but the money that product generated is no joke at all. Imagine what it would be like if you were able to generate that same success. In order for you to have an online business that is guaranteed to be profitable, you must place your product or service at the forefront of a prospect's mind at all times. This is called top-of-mind awareness. Find out more in this powerful ebook by Dr. Michel Fortin.
Automated Follow-Up
Putting autoresponders to work for you can increase your branding with a steady stream of follow-up messages being sent to your customers with delays you set yourself. Send out a once-a-month contact, or once-a-week, or even daily with GetResponse. With the PRO version of GetResponse autoresponders you can remove the ads and ALSO add formatting, personalization and even attachments to your messages! What about adding your name to your autoresponder's address? YES. You can ALSO track your leads and responses in four powerful ways to find out which message produced the greatest results. Test-drive it for a FULL 90 DAYS and if you are not completely satisfied receive one month FREE.
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