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Classified Advertising And Classified Ads

The hardest working marketing tools on the Internet!
Classified Advertising And Classified Ads
Classify98 - Classified Ads Submitter
Classify 98 is an automated submission wizard for classified Ads with a database of over 1500 Classified sites and can submit your Ad to up to 500 Free Internet Classified sites within minutes. FREE script upgrades are released on average twice a month, so your program will always be up to date. Whereas Classify 98 is intended for personal use, the Enterprise version can be used to submit Ads for third parties. It also has additional features such as Batch submit for multiple add submissions.
ForcedClicks - Classified Ad Multiplyer
ForcedClicks will place your ad smack dab in the face of the world & if others want a FREE attention getting colorized classified ad, they are forced to click on your ad taking them to your main web site.  The more hits & links to your main web site the higher your site will be ranked in the major search engines & directories due to the popularity of your site.  It's FREE for life and best of all it works!
Multilinks - Host Your Own Classifieds
If you want a seamless solution to place a Classified Ads section on your site - customized to appear as though it is part of your own web site - then Multilinks is your solution. You can create a FREE Multilinks account, but we recommend a premium account for the following features:
  • Allows all other automatic submission services,
  • Customised Confirmation Email,
  • Site included in their FREE automatic Submission list,
  • Unlimited Rotating Banners,
  • Customise your site,
  • Make changes easily and as often as you like,
  • Lots of space to permanently describe what you want to advertise,
  • Attractive Design,
  • They do not place their ads on YOUR site,
  • Bullet proof Sites that do not get corrupted,
  • We get your site in other automatic submission databases,
  • Great Quality for Price.
Multilinks is a wonderful program to join with more than just Classified Ads services. Take a visit to their site and see their other terrific promotion tools -- the leads generation aspect of all their promotion programs is very powerful!
2Bucks An Ad - LOW-COST EZine Classified Advertising
Tight budget? You'll love 2BucksAnAd - Quite likely the LEAST EXPENSIVE way to get your ads into thousands upon thousands of high quality eZines. How do they do it? It has a LOT to do with getting new ezine subscribers, but there is more to it. In fact, you can even get your ads in thousands of ezines for as little as $1/ad.


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