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Pro Money Mail - Leads Generation Tool
As we mentioned in Web Site Submission Programs, for a small monthly fee as an executive member of Pro Money Mail you have access to some powerful submission tools and software. But the power of this site doesn't stop there. Having autoresponders and newsletter servers still require LEADS to make it all worthwhile and here is where the true value of Pro Money Mail steps in. You will get 500 to 800 new leads daily!! This is a perfect step to creating your own highly targeted opt-in base. Add to this a formidable new tool coming soon only available to Executive members - the Monster E-Groups Blaster. You will find this site extremely valuable in your promotion campaigns. 
Traffic Wave - Leads Generator and Autoresponders
You will really like the simplicity of this promotion system. TrafficWave.net provides three powerful tools for automating your online marketing...
  • an autoresponder attached to your own FFA links directory which requires a prospect's email confirmation and acceptance to receive further information prior to posting to your directory (leads generator and autoresponder),
  • your banner ad placed at the bottom of your directory,
  • and an ultimate autoresponder which you can use to send up to 10 follow-up emails to your prospects --- you choose the delay for sending (one day, one week, or more).
You can take a RISK-FREE 30-day test drive of this terrific tool for only $1.
World Merge - Mail Management Software
"Simply the best e-mail merge application for the money", states ZD Internet Professionell Magazine. WorldMerge allows you to quickly and easily generate large numbers of personalized e-mail messages using your database of recipients and a "template" e-mail message.
Group Mail by infacta - Mail Management Software
If you've signed up to one or more of the above Leads Generators you will definitely need a quality mail management software program. Group Mail by infacta (also known as the Aureate Mailer) can handle those leads for you. Group Mail has received multiple awards, including ZDNet's Editor's Pick and the Microsoft/WUGNET 'Pick of the Week'. There are 3 different versions of this software available - Group Mail FREE, Group Mail PRO, and Group Mail PLUS. For the sheer volume of leads you will be receiving from the above programs we highly recommend at least Group Mail PRO, an inexpensive mailing solution.  With Group Mail Pro you can manage groups and lists of any size and you can send to them at speeds up to 10 times faster than Group Mail Free using bulk sending mode!
Mailloop - Mail Management Software
If you NEED to automate your email chores then I personally believe Mailloop is the Cadilac in mail management and business automation. I am a big believer in "letting the software do the work for you". With this impressive (and expensive - I'll warn you right up front) software program:
  • automatically turns itself on for you before you begin working,
  • checks email and automatically processes information requests,
  • subscribes and unsubscribes people to your newsletters,
  • imports customer survey and order forms automatically into your contact database,
  • automatically processes any autoresponder and email forwarding requests,
  • capable of mail-merge to personalize all of your outgoing emails including newsletters,
  • and much, much, more!
Yes, Mailloop is an expensive tool - but if the bulk of your marketing is email based you can't afford not to have it. Don't have your day taken up by daily chores. Let the software do it for you!
Postmaster - Mail Management Software with IES
The complete incoming and outgoing email database marketing solution for your PC. This “SMART” software reads and responds with personalized and unlimited auto replies based on the content of any email, then filters contact information right from your incoming email and Web forms for unlimited follow-up (sequential autoresponders) along with effortless "one-click" personalized targeted broadcast mailings! This single, complete system now replaces your... 
  • List Server 
  • ALL Your Follow-up Autoresponders 
  • Database Management Software 
  • Automated Follow-Up System 
  • Contact Manager 
  • Appointment Scheduler 
...And handles contacts for many different products and businesses' with ease! 
AWeber - Follow-Up Auto-responders
By now you already know sending out more than one follow-up response to prospect querries is essential to closing a sale. Experts have shown that it often takes 7 or more ad exposures before prospective customers actually make a purchase. All AWeber mail servers have been optimized in order to send your autoresponses and follow up messages as fast as possible. Your prospects' requests for information are processed in real time, and sent within 5 seconds.
GetResponse - Follow-Up Autoresponders
Looking for a FREE solution for your follow-up autoresponder needs? Check out GetResponse. You can set up one or MORE follow-up responders here with delays you choose. The FREE version sends out an advertisement on the bottom of each of your messages (promoting their service). With the PRO version remove the ads and ALSO you can add formatting, personalization and even attachments to your messages! What about adding your name to your autoresponder's address? You can ALSO track your leads and responses in four powerful ways to find out which message produced the greatest results. Test-drive it for a FULL 90 DAYS and if you are not completely satisfied receive one month FREE. But there's more!! You wouldn't believe the free bonus products you receive for a limited time if you sign up for the PRO version now. (Ps-s-s-st! Go with the PRO -- it's worth it! If you can't afford it yet then at the very least test drive the FREE version. I promise you will like it.)
SendMoreInfo - Pay-To-Read E-Mail
If you're looking for a "safe" list to mail your promotions to, many have had great success using SendMoreInfo, a "pay-to-read" e-mail program. The problem with many of these style of lists is you MUST have good marketing materials in order for them to work well. (Example, a good sales letter and a very good web page.)
MintMail - Pay-To-Read E-Mail
Another good pay-to-read e-mail source. This one ties into Six Figure Income (run by the same group). Worth checking into.

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