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Marketing PowerTip - Search Engine Submissions

You've probably heard about "gateway" pages, but have you ever heard the term "hallway" page? Simply put, a "hallway" page is like a "Table of Contents" or "Site Map" with a twist. The "hallway" page contains a link to every page on your site with a brief description of each link. It should be placed in your root directory with a link to it from your home page.

Why have a "hallway" page??

To make sure the search engines can find each page on your site.

Don't the search enging spiders do this anyway?

Yes ... and no.

Some search engines have very good crawlers and given time they will index your entire web site... IF the search engine spider can find it's way to each page. Pages that have no incoming links very likely won't get indexed without manual submission. Your "hallway" page solves this problem and helps the spiders index your full web site. This may not be important for smaller sites, but for those of you (like us) with much larger sites, it could take forever for us to "deep submit" all our pages. The "hallway" page helps eliminate a lot of our manual submission work.

Once you've built your "hallway" page, you need only submit your home page to the following:

  • Google
  • Fast / Alltheweb
  • AltaVista
Their spiders and web crawlers should do the rest (although we hear AltaVista may "skip" some pages it can't find).

The Inktomi search engine which powers lots of sites like MSN may find some pages on it's own, but it needs to find links to those pages from a different domain name AND from your site. Without the offsite links it will likely ignore your subpages.

The following search engines aren't so great about indexing and finding pages on their own:

  • Lycos (T-Rex spider for non-US sites)
  • Excite
  • Direct Hit / Ask Jeeves
  • Northern Light

You will probably have to submit each web page on your site individually to them. (This is where powerful submission software or a GOOD web site submission service can really pay for itself!)

Hope this helps!

Search Engine Submission Tools
Submit Wolf - Free 30 Day Trial - Search Engine Submitter
With over 1,000,000 copies downloaded, SubmitWolf is the leading submission program on the internet today! Simply enter your website details into SubmitWolf PRO, select the search engines where you would like to be listed and SubmitWolf PRO will do the rest. SubmitWolf PRO automatically visits each one, fills in and submits the request form. It does this in exactly the same way as if you did it manually using a browser. To add your link to 1500+ sites by hand would take months of your time, with SubmitWolf, the same task takes minutes.
World Submitter - FREE Submission Site
For a quick FREE web site submission tool try the World Submitter. Multifunctional - it will submit your site to:
  • 7,100+ Search Engines,
  • 2,700,000+ FFA Sites,
  • 83,000+ Classified Ad Sites, and
  • 5,500+ Message Boards.
Their site data base is growing daily. You will want to bookmark this site to use on a regular basis. Two types of membership - FREE -and- PREMIUM. It's well worth registering if you need a free submission source.
search engine submission tools
Smart Page Pro - Create Search Engine Optimized Pages
Submitting your site to the engines is only effective if it is optimized for the search engines. This tool will do more than optimize your pages --- it will create pages for you to multiply your content and make the search engines absolutely LOVE you, if you apply it right.

"You're Just Minutes Away From Creating Hundreds of Highly Optimized Search Engine Friendly Smart Pages With Just Few Simple Clicks!"

Classified Ads Submission Tool
Classify98 - Classified Ads Submitter
Classify 98 is an automated submission wizard for classified Ads with a database of over 1500 Classified sites and can submit your Ad to up to 500 Free Internet Classified sites within minutes. FREE script upgrades are released on average twice a month, so your program will always be up to date. Whereas Classify 98 is intended for personal use, the Enterprise version can be used to submit Ads for third parties. It also has additional features such as Batch submit for multiple add submissions.
Pro Money Mail - Executive Member Tools
For a small monthly fee as an executive member of Pro Money Mail you have access to some powerful submission tools and software. Included in the package are:
  • FFA Blaster
  • Gateway Page Creator
  • Search Engine Blaster
  • Classified Ad Blaster
  • and much more!
Free membership gets you the goods too, but the bonuses in upgrading make it well worthwhile.

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