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Eventually this section of our site will be broken down by CGI script category and by Supplier. There are thousands of each on the Net and we couldn't possibly begin to list them all here... we've elected to gather a few resources we thought you may find as useful additions to your web design project as a start.

Please remember to bookmark this section of our Resource Center if you plan on adding more content and interactive tools to your site in the future. We will be bringing you plenty more on this topic. Also, you may wish to check out our FREE "CGI Tutorials" and "Adding Content" sections in the WebGuide.

Resource Center
Web Design - CGI Scripts & Software
This is just the beginning! TONS more coming soon!

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PerlBuilder - SolutionSoft
Perl Builder 2.0 is a complete integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl. Key features include a visual editor/debugger that is similar to products like Visual Basic and Delphi. The CGI Wizard component lets both novices and experienced programmers create powerful scripts visually, without writing code. CGI simulation lets you run, debug, and test scripts on the Windows  9x/NT/2000/Linux desktop--without the need for a Web server. Output such as personalized HTML and automated email messages can be examined visually, right in the IDE. Supports Windows and Linux! Click Here To Get a FREE Trial Copy of Perl Builder --the IDE for Perl
Interface Vault/FLASH - ScreamDesign
Get tons of high quality premade interfaces at ScreamDesign. Breathtaking Web Interfaces - virtually a grab bag of interfaces waiting for you. No need to know programming when you have a resource like this at your fingertips! 

You can check out the ScreamDesign Interface Vault or post a project describing the service you need and eLance service providers will submit bids to do the work. As a buyer, you pick the best bidder and get the job done. You can manage your entire project check bids received, communicate with the provider or send final payment from the Buying Activity page. 

You can also browse the many service provider profiles, look at portfolios, read feedback ratings and comments from other buyers. When you find an eLancer who offers a service you need you can describe the service you need and invite them to submit a bid. Click Here For More Details on ScreamDesign's Interface Vault

MultiCity chat
Voted Best Chat by Yahoo! Internet Life - you can now add MultiCity chat to your web site FREE. Multicity.com's Free tools are supported by banner ads. If you'd like banner-free tools with additional administrative functionality, check out their Enhanced or Professional Chat. Features include:
  • Instant conversations.
  • Customizable.
  • Jump to any chat room anywhere.
  • Multilingual interfaces.
  • Instant translation!
  • Send through e-mail.
  • ...and more.
MultiCity have a host of community building tools you can add to your web site. Wish you had more loyal customers? Give them a reason to come back.  Add community tools! Click Here to Learn More!
Entertainment! - AddictionZone
You now have the power to plug an addictive FREE GAMES PORTAL directly into your own personal and business web sites using AddictionZone's Patent-Pending Syndication Technologies. Also available: Free Ecards Portal, Free Jokes Portal, and Free Fun Portal. Unlike conventional headline syndicators that send your users away, they help build sustainable traffic by broadcasting interactive content through a Portal that directly plugs into any web page. You can get the FREE version plugged into your site or if you prefer banner-free you can purchase an annual license which meets your web site's traffic bandwidth requirements. Get you users ADDICTED! - Plug Content Portals into your site in minutes. Sign-up For FREE Now!
Plug-In Email Services - Everyone.Net
Add free email services AND make money! Plug-in-Email by Everyone.net - Offer lifetime, web-based @YourDomain email on your site and get 50% of the banner ads. It's free, fully customizable, and easily setup via their Control Center. Features include: 6MB, SPAM filter, email notification and more. They also have several more "plug-in" products to choose from. Click Here To Get Free Email Services On Your Site!
SmartCGI - CGI Scripts
Oh boy ... I just hate giving away all my secrets ... but here goes. If you're looking for easy to install cgi scripts that can actually make money for you on your site, look no further. Check out the excellent scripts available at SmartCGI.com! Now, admittedly, you will have to have some basic (and I do mean basic) cgi install knowledge (such as setting permissions) but beyond that, these are perhaps some of the easiest to install scripts I've found on the Net. Not only do they have scripts available for purchase but they also have some incredibly useful FREE scripts available for download. Click here to check out SmartCGI now.
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