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The hardest working tools on the Internet!

eBook Pro Software

eBook Gold
eBookGold gives you complete e-publishing tools packed with the following features:
  • Unlimited ebook creation
  • Minimum file size
  • Attractive, professional design
  • Complete customization
  • Ebook encryption
  • Ebook security - Lock certain pages or the whole ebook with a password. Great for giving away a demo of your product that requires registration to "unlock" the rest of the ebook.
  • Full HTML 4 support with plug-ins
  • Create dynamic ebooks
  • Complete control over look and user options
Here's the BEST part - you can download the free trial version and try it out for a 180 day test drive before purchasing the full version! Try eBook Gold FREE - Click Here
eBook Pro
Just imagine publishing an interactive eBook that contains images, photographs, sound, animation, or movies! How difficult it is to put your information product into an eBook using the eBook Pro software?

If your publication is already in word processing format (*.doc,*.txt, etc.), then you are almost there! Just load your publication into Microsoft Word and save it as HTML. Now take the HTML file you have created, place it in the eBook Pro compiler... and Voila! In approximately 15 minutes, you can easily have your information product compiled into an eBook. If you want to compile a fancier presentation and utilize some of the multimedia features like Flash and Shockwave, the process becomes a little bit more involved - but it is still quite simple!

eBook Pro is based on web browser technology which means that it is instantly compatible with all of the following:

  • HTML 4.0 & DHTML...if it can be turned into a web page, it can be put into an eBook!
  • Javascript...allowing you to develop an animated and interactive eBook presentation!
  • All of the popular Active X plug-ins currently used to enhance web sites.
  • Flash...giving you the ability to create eye-catching animation and presentations that grab your reader's attention.
  • Shockwave...allows you to incorporate sound into your eBook presentation.
  • Real Audio & Real Video...let's you dazzle your readers with full featured video and audio presentations.
  • eBook Pro will auto-detect and prompt your customer to download any of the plug-ins mentioned above that may be needed to view your publication.
  • eBook Pro actually allows you to brand every eBook produced using the eBook Pro software with your own logo!
  • ...and much more!!

eBook Pro comes with a lifetime, money-back guarantee, and it's available for a short time at less than 1/40th of its original cost... They have a demo eBook available for you to download FREE to see the power of this software at work. Click Here To Get eBook Pro

E-ditor V2.0
E-ditor V2.0 software is a less expensive ebook creation software package but deffinitely doesn't skimp on features. E-ditor V2.0 packs a punch with the following:
  • Unlimited e-books capability.
  • Key-locks - lock certain pages or the whole ebook with a password.
  • Custom-size windows.
  • Add window skins.
  • HTML4 capable.
  • Plug-in capable.
  • Edit capabilities (update your ebooks even after they've been compiled).
  • Customizable interface.
  • ...and more!
The E-ditor ebook compiler software site has on-line video tutorials which you can access for FREE. The videos will walk you step-by-step through the simple process to create your own e-books ready for the Internet. Click Here To Get E-ditor V2.0 Now!
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