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Graphic artists who create images for the Web or for CD-ROM have different demands from those who create artwork solely for print. Like print designers, Web artists must understand all of the elements of commercial design--composition, texture, form, shapes, text layout, font legibility, and so on. However, Web artists also need to understand file formats, file compatibility, file-type limitations, color palettes, Web-browser compatibility, font availability, the depth of the color palette, and, most importantly, compression.

Currently, compression dominates and dictates graphics for the Web. The size of a graphic directly impacts the viewer's Web-surfing experience more than anything else; if the page takes too long to download, the viewer is off to another site.

For that reason, there are many tools that are designed to prepare art for Web sites. These tools offer the flexibility to create the best-looking image possible, yet still yield the smallest possible file. Additionally, they offer utilities such as color palette compatibility, automatic viewing in a Web browser, automatic generation of HTML code, and image slicing for using a graphic as a series of images in an HTML table. The best of these tools even let you play with compression settings and output different file formats, so that you can preview images to see how they look and how small the file is before you actually write anything to disk.

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Graphics Software Packages
Adobe Photoshop Pro
Adobe Photoshop 6.0
With each new release of Photoshop, Adobe manages both to satisfy the expectations of existing users and to pull a few magic features out of its hat. Version 6 is no exception. Powerful vector editing and masking, improved layer controls, layer styles, incredible typographic control, new Web publishing tools, and a cleaner, more accessible interface are already making version 5.5, itself a groundbreaker, look like ancient history. Click Here To Buy

PhotoImpact 6.0
PhotoImpact 6.0

Usable by the beginner, but packed with plenty of higher-end features for the expert, Ulead's PhotoImpact 6.0 delivers an impressive image editing tool with excellent support for Internet graphics. Whether you want to edit photos and put them online or create original Web graphics and animations, this economically priced package offers an appealing mix of power, with an interface that's truly easy to use. Click Here To Buy

Corel Bryce 4.0
Corel Bryce 4.0

The bad news about Bryce 4 is that it still sports that quirky interface that users either love, hate, or both. Dialog boxes are hidden, options are nested, and the interface looks nothing like anything else on either the Macintosh or Windows platforms. The good news is that once you learn to navigate the interface, Bryce 4 is a powerful tool with tremendous flexibility and depth. The new features make Bryce a more serious contender in the world of 3-D graphics--in spite of the learning curve presented by the interface. Click Here To Buy

Fireworks 3.0

Fireworks is designed from the ground up to be a Web graphics creation package. It is both a vector drawing tool and a bitmap graphics editor, and the different graphic types easily mix on any layer. All objects, whether shapes or text, are editable at any point of production, offering enormous design flexibility. Fireworks also supports layers for maintaining separate elements, and a history palette which can be used to undo numerous steps or to create replayable actions. Click Here To Buy
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.0
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.0
Paint Shop Pro is one of the most popular image editing packages in the world, due in large part to its magical combination of low price and powerful features. Version 7 adds a raft of new features for retouching digital images, creating business graphics, and producing interactive Web graphics. Paint Shop Pro's vector shapes introduced in version 6 have been enhanced and now support gradients, textures, and patterns on stroke and fill commands. New image editing features include autoenhance, which adjusts color balance, brightness, saturation, and hue to improve picture quality with a single click. New filters for noise, scratch, and dust removal, together with automatic red-eye removal, make picture restoration easier than ever. Click Here To Buy

Flash 5.0/FreeHand Studio
Flash 5.0/FreeHand Studio

Flash has a history of being the designer's favorite for creating innovative Web content, but Flash 5 goes above and beyond the call of duty by offering enhanced tools, options, and integration, which provide the user unparalleled license for creativity and expression. Bezier curves? Motion tweening? Perspective fields? No problem. Flash does it all and more. This revolutionary package starts with Flash 5, Macromedia's award-winning Web content creation software, which has become the de facto standard for animation and dynamic interactive content online. It's difficult to go to any cutting-edge media site today and not encounter Flash animation behind all the magic. Click Here To Buy

CorelDRAW 10.0
CorelDRAW 10.0

The package consists of two old hats, CorelDRAW and Corel Photo-Paint, updated with new features and a unified interface. Included as well is Corel R.A.V.E, a vector-based animation suite that can create streaming Flash animations for interactive, high-impact Web content. Throw it all together with more fonts, photos, and clip-art than you can shake a digital stick at (over 30,000), and you've got an unbeatable graphics powerhouse that will help you tackle any print or online need. Click Here To Buy
FlashBlaster2 Graphics Software- ScreamDesign
Can't afford your own Flash building software? You may want to consider a membership at ScreamDesign. They have an incredible vault filled to the max with Flash templates you can select, modify online, and download for use on your own web sites. ScreamDesign is packed with tons of helpful web site scripts and tools. Build! Enhance! Promote your site! Get thousands of custom graphics. CLICK HERE
Graphics - ArtToday
If you need high-quality graphics, photos, fonts, clipart images, or sounds for your web pages, ads, newsletters, brochures, or presentations, you'll find them at ArtToday. ArtToday.com currently has 1.2 million downloadable images and is offering free trial access to their vast collection for three days. And, if you decide to become a member, the yearly membership fee isn't that unreasonable. The font collection alone is worth the fee. Click Here to Get ArtToday!
Graphics - Animation Factory
You will find over 100,000 Premium Web Animations and Graphics at Animation Factory! Their CD's are packed with animated graphics created with web sites in mind. If it's animation you're searching for you're sure to find it here. Click Here
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