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Three Reasons Why You Must Register Your Domain Now
(Don't Let Your Identity Be Stolen) 
by Mark Joyner

The Internet has become as global as the telephone.  Soon people will only remember the main name of your Internet address.  The term Dot-Com has become the standard for Internet companies (even if the web address is a .net, .org, etc.) just as 1-800 numbers became the standard name for phone numbers (even if it is actually a 1-888 number).  The domain name you choose is crucial for your business. 

There are over 13.2 million active websites and 56 million registered domains in use.  Do you have one? Here are three reasons why must register a domain now:

1. Million-dollar Names 

Premier dot-com's are worth millions of dollars.  Business.com recently sold for $7.5 million and Bingo.com for $1,000,000. Those who purchased these domains recognized the importance of a good name that can result in additional customers and big profits  for their companies.  People have a hard enough time remembering your company's name.  Will they remember your website's name? 

I know that it's hard to believe that they are running out, but just take a moment and think of a domain.  Now go to register.com and see if it's taken. That's what I did, and I was astonished by what I found.  Top-level domains are going fast.  You must register your name now before they  are all gone.

2. More than One is Even Better

You may already have a domain name.  If you do, consider registering another.  Registering multiple domains is a good way to increase your website's visibility.  Since domains can now contain up to 67 characters, you should register phrases or names that are longer than your current one. 

Point all of your domains to the same URL, and you will see an increase in hits to your site.  There are additional benefits to registering multiple domains, including:  Search engines that recognize the words in your domain as keywords, and people who will remember one domain over another. 

Important:  You must register your dot-com as a .net and .org in order to fully capitalize on the web.  Don't let others use your identity.  Take it before they do. 

3. Getting a Good Name is a No-Brainer 

I'm sure that you already know that a good domain is:  Easy to pronounce, hard to misspell, short, easy to remember, and creative.

Web Hosting Services

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