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Before you buy any software, consider who will host your Web page. If you belong to a commercial online service, for example, you might not need any software, because there might be templates that you can use to create basic Web pages. If you have an account with a typical Internet Service Provider (ISP), the company might have restrictions that could affect your Web site plans. So, check with them first.

Text editors: Text editors are simple word-processing programs, and, believe it or not, any old text editor can be used to design a Web page. (WordPad and NotePad are included free of charge with Windows 95 and 98.) Hypertext markup language (HTML), the language that's used to create Web pages, is just text. It's a fairly simple language that tells Web browser software how to display information. Many designers just use basic text editors that come free of charge with their computer operating systems.

HTML editors: Want something a bit more advanced? Consider purchasing an HTML editing program. These programs are fancier text editors that are designed specifically to make HTML coding easier. Some display HTML tags in various colors, which makes it a snap for any designer to keep track of things. Better HTML editors include extras, such as simple JavaScript or CGI scripts, that can add functionality to Web pages.

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Webmaster Pack Design Series
Get the Webmaster Pack, and save $130.00 in Registration fees. The total cost of this package is $175.00 and includes the following programs: SubmitWolf PRO, FtpWolf, BookMarx, PhoneWolf, SearchWolf, WebWolf, ImageWolf, MP3-Wolf and SiteMapper. Click Here
SiteMapper is the perfect tool for webmasters. SiteMapper will analyze the contents of a web site, and create a detailed map with an indexed listing of all resources by page and category. It will also validate all links, so that users  need never come across 'File not found' errors and broken images. Click Here
eComm Pro
eComm Pro has been specially designed to cater for eCommerce projects no matter how large or small. Inventory facilities include, product naming, coding, description, weights, freight costs and product categorization. eComm PRO will work with any Internet service provider where web hosting is available, and can be easily incorporated into an existing website. Click Here
Newbie Club First Website Builder
The Newbie Club First Website Builder - This is definitely no ordinary tutorial written by an enthusiastic 'Techie' who's forgotten what it's really like to be a Newbie... This ground breaking 4 volume library shows you step by careful step how an absolute newbie built a great website in just 2 days - Without Spending A Single Penny! And that's just the beginning. Click Here
HomeSite 4.5 - Whether you are a professional Web developer who dreams in XML or you have just decided to learn HTML to enhance your résumé, HomeSite 4.5 is the Web editor for people who want control over their coding and design environment. Created by Web developers for Web developers, this software lets you work in HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP, CFMC, Perl, VBScript, and more. The latest version of HomeSite offers increased user productivity, enhanced project-management tools, extended site-deployment capabilities, and added support for the latest Web technologies. Installing HomeSite 4.5 is fairly quick and painless. The application is straightforward; however, if you have never used HomeSite before, you may want to poke around the help sections and tutorials just to familiarize yourself with the tools. Click Here To Buy HotMetal Pro 6.0 - Whether you're a big-shot coder or a fledgling newbie, HotMetal Pro 6.0 will help you set up the Web site of your dreams. You don't have to know anything about HTML to start working, but the more you know and learn, the more cool features you can add--and with HotMetal's self-study courses and reference guides, you can achieve any level of mastery you want. You can begin by attempting some WYSIWIG editing and powerful wizards to customize templates to your liking--or you can dive into the HTML source and tweak each line to perfection. The Asset Manager helps you drag and drop features using JavaScript, DHTML, and other advanced techniques without writing a line of code, and the powerful Site Management tools will help you test and fix your site with ease. Click Here To Buy
Adobe GoLive 5.0 - Adobe's latest revision of its Web publishing application continues to mature into a powerful and sophisticated tool. Packed with new features, Adobe GoLive 5.0 offers enhanced source-code control to help Web teams edit and maintain large sites; improved linking of Photoshop, Illustrator, and LiveMotion files; and a new interface that's designed to increase efficiency. For designers who like to get under the hood, GoLive 5.0 now features simultaneous viewing of HTML source code and a WYSIWYG view of the page itself. Each window is editable, and changes take place immediately in both windows. Not Recommended for Newbies. Click Here To Buy Complete Web Studio 2.0 - Complete Web Studio 2.0--a Web site-building program--comes with SnapShot, a program to store, organize, edit, and output digital pictures; and iCollect, a program that captures all the files associated with a Web site and downloads them to your hard drive. You don't need to know anything about HTML, Java, or any other Web technology to use Web Studio. You just add text and graphics in much the same way you would add these things to a page using a paint program. Studio has several different varieties of clip art, including animations and photos. Buttons, backgrounds, and dividers are also a standard part of the program. Not Recommended For Advanced Designers. Click Here To Buy
Microsoft FrontPage 2002 - is a Web site creation-and-management solution that gives you the tools you need to create and control professional-quality Web sites. FrontPage version 2002 has been designed so you can create exactly the site you want. You can use new PowerPoint-like drawing tools and automatic web content to make your Web site more exciting and dynamic. If you're familiar with HTML editing, you can also use FrontPage to save time with the new paste options smart tag, a new streamlined user interface, and new optional HTML and XML reformatting. You can also manage your Internet or intranet Web site more effectively by using the new usage-analysis tools, top 10 lists, and enhanced reporting capabilities. And you can use the new technology in the SharePoint Team Services team Web-site solution to create customized team Web sites to store, find, and communicate information. Not recommended for Newbies! Click Here To Buy Dreamweaver 4.0/Fireworks 4.0 Studio - A quote from Amazon.com "Here's a little no-nonsense advice for those of you who are considering Dreamweaver 4 as your future Web editor: don't skimp; buy this bundle." The seamless integration of Dreamweaver 4 with the nicely upgraded graphics application Fireworks 4 justifies the investment in this complete suite. Macromedia's Dreamweaver 4 packs layer upon layer of powerful features, for just about any Web developer's needs and preferences. Perfect for individuals and professional Web-development teams alike, this latest version offers a fresh set of upgrades and improvements. Within those layers of features, there are resources for creating forms, Flash files, frames, cascading style sheets, Java and ActiveX files, and more. In Split View, the Code and Design views display simultaneously--providing the best of both worlds. Not recommended for Newbies! Click Here To Buy

RoboHelp Office 9.0 - Create help for Web-based applications, Web sites, Windows applications, policies and procedures, intranets, cross-platform applications, Java applets, stand-alone applications, extranets, file-based server applications, and Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS). Not recommended for Newbies! Click Here To Buy

Oracle 8i - This package includes all you need to get Oracle 8i going under any version of Linux (as long as the OS is running on a machine with a chip that uses Intel's machine language). You'll be pleased with the DBMS, particularly if you plan to work with large databases and do a lot of customization with Java. Not recommended for Newbies! Click Here To Buy
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