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HTML Basics
Graphics - Gifs & Jpgs
Domain Names
Before building pages using editors like Front Page and Netscape Composer, find out what the codes do. Take control of your pages with some of the Best FREE on-line HTML lessons you'll find on the Net!
5* - Case Western University
Includes interactive tests so you can be sure you have learnt what they teach in each lesson. I give this one the highest rating for beginners in HTML
4* - The Webmonkey
Not quite as well organized, nor is this one interactive, yet it is also one of the best ones out there that I've found with tutorials that take you through HTML and beyond into Dynamic HTML, Java, Perl, and more!
3* -
Ok, I wouldn't recommend this one for beginners, but it does have a few sections of excellent information as well as free graphics and a small collection of free scripts/code - java and HTML.
Free Graphics, gifs, fonts, etc. - This is a massive topic, because there are so many free graphic sites on the net. It's overwhelming really. We've put together a section here to help.

Gif Optimizers - Crunch your gif files here and make them load faster without losing quality. Too many graphics and large graphic files can slow your page loads and lose visitors. Find banner creation tool links here too!

Graphics Search - Searching for the right graphic(s) can be difficult. This section will help you refine your search to find what you're looking for quicker.

Free Graphic Sites (Reviews) - We're currently building this section with reviews on graphic sites we have seen (and in some cases used). We've only chosen what in our humble opinions are the best we've seen so far.

Domain Names - Yes, a good domain name is important... but now there are so many --- .com, .tv, .net, --- the list goes on. Perform a thorough search of the name you choose. Also in this section find URL redirection services and more!

Virtual Host Providers - No need to be technically equipped to serve your own pages to the Net. Find out what a virtual host provider is and how to find the one that meets your specific needs/budget.

Buy Your Domain Name - If you're ready to buy your domain name now you may save money through this section.

Register YOUR Domain Name NOW!
Java Scripts & More
Meta Tags & Keywords
Basic Design Info
Ready to look for some free java scripts and maybe learn a bit more about java?
5* - The Java[TM] Boutique
I rate this one the highest possible for scripts and more! A collection of programmers gather from all over the world offering their own programs for all to use FREE. Every month new programs are featured for free download - some never offered free again... You'll find a showcase of talent here.
4* - Matt's Script Archives
For some quick useful tools and scripts for your site like counters, guestbooks, and more, I really like his site. Easy to navigate and find what you need fast! (...and free...)
3* - Cut-And-Paste Java -InfoHighway
A bit confusing to navigate at first, but plenty of free java scripts to choose from. I had problems encountering dead links but it might have been owing to my browser since I was running an older version of Netscape at the time. 
Meta Tags & Kewords - If you're new to web design, you may not even realize the importance of meta tags and keywords in your page building. If you've been designing for a while now, you may find a few "keys" you weren't even aware of here.
Web.TV viewers are on the rise and we must take this technology into consideration in our design work. We've got some excellent information here to assist you.

Learning From The Best - Here are a few success stories to help inspire you on your way.

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