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If you build it they will come? Just because you've submitted your site to the search engines, do you think thousands of people will visit your site? Let's get some tools together here to help you increase traffic and build your customer base now! Click Here If You Prefer To Go To Our Frames Toolbox Now!  Please bookmark this page now.

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Search engine submission tools...
We've put together two helpful pages on this for you. On one page there are two quick submission tables for your use. Simply fill out the information box and click on submit for one of them. The other is through !RegisterIt! (part of the Website Garage). The other page is in frames with a list down the left nav bar of 100+ search engine links, clicking a link will load their site in the main frame for you to complete the forms individually for each site. Be prepared to spend a LONG time using this method.
Quick Submission Page 100+ Submission Sites

Free Banner Exchange programs...
Free advertising is available. Banner exchange programs are one most webmasters are familiar with . We'll get you started here with links to some of the better known and used. I've also personally tested a few and have added comments where possible to help but for the most part I'm sending you via links to some of the best analysis sites on the Net. More detail...

Free Links Pages and Webrings...
Free For All Link Pages may work well for your business. Join us here to submit your link to our own FFA Page and by doing so create your own. Also, test our links pages submission tool for quick submission to several sites at once. A link is also provided here to one of the major Webring sites on the Net (through Yahoo!). More detail...

Newsletters and Ezines...
Whether you are looking to pay for advertising to reach their clients or thinking of beginning your own newsletter (highly recommended) start here for more on this powerful vehicle! More detail...

Unique and Unusual Advertising Methods...
Have you ever heard of the "SponsorCard" program? Of course you haven't ... because it's new and just being launched in the next 3 to 4 weeks and already proving to be a winner after some exhausting research. Find out about this and more unique, inexpensive, and totally unusual methods of Advertising in the New Age on the Net Here...

Newsgroups and Forums...
Speaking from personal experience, I wouldn't recommend you run your own unless you're willing to put a ton of time into it and receive little back for your efforts. It's much more fun to be a participant than it is to run one - however, if you have enough people to assist with moderating go for it! It can bring an amazing amount of traffic to you - however I'm a bit biased against this option. Click here to find out why...

There's a lot more on the way...
Marketing on the Net is NOT like marketing IRL! No one can give you the magic formula but there are many who can help you achieve your targets. If you're a large company and can afford it, find the right people and hire them! This is NOT a business you can learn overnight. Give those people you hire the time to do it right too. Those of you who - like me - are small independants carving out a living and choosing the Net as your vehicle to do it, be prepared for plenty of hard work! It ain't easy! ...but it is an amazingly satisfying adventure where success is oh so very sweet!

Additions will be made to our toolbox regularly. Keep in the loop and join our mailing list now. Find out about a ton of stuff that never makes it to our Guide here.

Oh, and one final thing...

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